Art for Sacred Spaces

Hi, I’m Nichole an Artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. My art is created as a reminder of your intentions, and purpose in the world. It raises your frequency, It’s art that makes space sacred and makes you feel love.

My Method

I make art with layers of ground-up crystals,  to create one-of-a-kind original works with Fung Shui in mind. I use essential oil-infused paint- you can’t smell the oils when the art is complete but the fragrance lends to the energy of the work. The art is created with Kundalini Mantras as well as curated playlists to create in the energy of love, abundance, peace, and joy.

About Nichole

Nichole is a self-trained artist, who turned to art after returning home from Iraq. As an Army veteran, she served on the front lines of the Iraq war. Creating art and advocacy have helped her heal from the impact war had on her. 


Nichole has cultivated practices that support her, including a daily gratitude list. Creating a work of art is a transformative process. The energy of healing and rebirth is in each piece.

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