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“Soul Prism” is blessed in ground Amazonite, and Chrysocolla, both stones for peace and tranquility, harmony and communication, along with splashes of crushed Mica for a beautiful iridescent effect that adds warmth, depth, and an ethereal vibe. Mica is used for visions, and clarity. 

The paint was blessed in essential oils (Rosewood, Spruce, Blue Tansy, and Lavender)  and Kundalini mantras on peace and kindness were prayed over the work. I also listened to my “The Best Raise Your Vibes Playlist” while creating. 

While the crushed stones, mantras, and oils all radiate a calming energy I chose the deep hues of purple to express the intensity of what I’m feeling at this time.  I’m answering to the tug to dig into my past, and let go one more time into the deep purple waters of healing.

Soul Prism is a statement piece that will raise your vibrations, and will remind you it’s safe to go deep into the waters of your subconscious.  This work embodies the sacred terrain of transformation, and will hug your space with its purple warmth.

“Soul Prism” is a statement piece for your altar, reading corner, and sacred space.

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Please note my art and the reclaimed barn wood frame are imperfect, with a distressed look. The texture of the canvas is coarse and imperfect because of the varying sizes of crushed crystals.  Even though essential oils were infused in the paints, the finished painting doesn’t smell like essential oils (unfortunately). The canvas panel is archival and has 6 layers of protective matte finish to preserve the beauty of this work.